When in Doubt, Reboot

I had some crucial data correction scripts to write. The deadline was tight. People kept trying to get me off task. But I completed coding in time. I went to check my code into source control, and the tool froze. I tried again. No luck. After a few hours of messing with it, I gave up.

Other people on the team had the same problem. That was no good. It was a global problem. Some other people tried late through the night, and even the next day. They were unsuccessful. I got a message from the team responsible for the source code control. They recommend we clear up space on our C: drive and reboot out machines.

Now I can understand that a reboot might correct a single user problem. But this was a global problem. I did reboot my machine for grins. Of course that did not solve the root cause. Now they are rebooting servers to hope it fixes the problems. I suspect we are going to be dealing with this problem for the long haul.