Good Programmer

Last week I read this post about the signs you are a good programmer by C. Lawrence Wenham. Was some food for thought. What I found more interesting were the signs that you are a fantastic programmer. The first sign is that you "can recite from memory all of the includables in the C Standard Library". Oh snap. I should be able to do that. Been working with C for over 15 years. But do you know what? I probably cannot name all of those includes.

Of course I know and . I think there might also be an assert header as well. I also know and . But what are all those other include files? Damn. I looked them up. There are 29 total files. Looking at them, some were relatively familiar. Others I could guess their content. There were one or two that I had never heard of, and could not fathom what they were about.

Need some more practice to graduate into the fantastic programmer position. And that's just the first requirement!