Triple Fail

Some memebers of our testing team called me the other day. They wanted help figuring out how to test a fix for one of the customer problems. This was an easy answer. Nobody had fixed the bug they were talking about. So the test team showed me the documentation stating that the bug was fixed.

I dug deeper and determined that it was a documentation error. Our database team had fixed a different trouble ticket that sounded the same. I coached our test team on figuring out how to duplicate the problem for the bug being fixed. We were off to the races.

Later our configurtion management guy produced the final documenttion for our software release. I noticed the wrong trouble ticket was still being referenced. I called our CM guy up because I know him. Told him that he had a problem. He showed me the guidance from the test team. Then he realized what they sent him. I was hoping this woud be the end of this issue.

Finally I caught an email going by to our customer. Again the wrong trouble ticket was being referenced. I alerted our CM guy once again. Then the database guy who wrote the orginal documentation asked me some questions. I set him straight. In enters my boss cold. He had a million questions. It took about 5 phone calls with him to answer all his questions. When things get screwed up, he usually has to ask a lot of questions to be sure.

The thing I hate about all this is that there were many screw ups. At no time was I the source of the screw up. I was joint pointed out that somebody was failing at different points of the flow. In the end, I get all this extra work to clear it all up. I do this to try to ensure the end product to the customer is as good as possible. But this is not my job. That's why we have quality assurance. I guess the bottom line is that someone is not doing their job right.