I have an action item for my yearly review to propose a major change to any of our systems. That should be easy. I want to make my proposal beneficial to me. So I looked around for a pain point. I got a lot of yearly maintenance to do with our hard coded SQL. Maybe I could address that.

Metadata to the rescue. I could store all the info about the tables and columns in a metadata store. Then a query builder could interrogate the metadata and build up my SQL strings on the fly. Maintenance of the metadata will be a whole lot easier than going through all the hard coded SQL.

Had a manager call me up today to discuss my proposal. He tried to drill down into the structure of the metadata. Unfortunately he did not fully understand the problem being solved. He also pitched a very verbose metadata structure. I want my job to be a whole lot easier. Don’t want to shift all the hard work from code changing to metadata maintenance. Got to formulate a plan to get him to see things my way.