TortoiseSVN for the new Project

I am on a new project for the time being. Still waiting to get to my eventual destination. The official source code control solution on the project is IBM Rational Clearcase. This is mandated by the customer. However the team informally uses TortoiseSVN to work with files locally until we deliver to the customer.

Personally I had never heard of TortoiseSVN before. It is a client for Apache Subversion source code control. That's where the SVN comes from. It is taking me a while to get familiar with TortoiseSVN. The user interface is presented as an extension to the Windows shell. That is, you right click on thing in Windows Explorer and get TortoiseSVN menus.

Installation of the product is pretty easier. I just went to 64-bit Windows. So I got a 64-bit version of TortoiseSVN installed. Now I just need to figure out the URL of the team's Subversion repository and I should be off to the races.