Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Some time ago my customer gave me a task to complete. There was some trouble getting clear requirements for the task. I did the best I could but went down the wrong path. In the end, my customer hacked an outline for the solution and told me to get it working. I did and we passed it on to another team for integration testing.

Of course the other team found some problems during test. Immediately somebody came out and asked if this stuff was tested. I ignored the comment. Of course it was tested. There was not enough info to diagnose the problem. I asked the other team to run some steps and send back the results.

The results were enlightening. All of a sudden someone else came out and asked the other team to check the data. I abstained from replying. The other team was livid. They were like WTF? I provided another query to get even more info on the specifics of the problem.

By now we had a lot of info on the trouble. My customer dug in and found the problem with his code. This code is pretty complex. It is easy to get lost in it. Harder to pinpoint problems because it is so complex. Now it is time to ship out this fix.

Only thing I have learned is that many people have a lot to say about problems that come up. Most of it is pretty much worthless. I think I have already grown accustomed to the nonsense and I just ignore it.