JawaScript Framework of the Week

I recall about 10 years ago I was on a big project. They had a guy that was a JavaScript dude. He was well respected. I figured I should learn the language. Eventually I got around to taking some classes on the subject. Wrote some browser games in JavaScript. Decided it was not necessarily for me.

Today I read a tongue-in-cheek discussion between a JavaScript dude and another developer who has been out of the web development world for a few years. Poor guy. Check out their discussion here.

The take away is that to do anything small these days, you better know what the latest cool frameworks and tools are in JavaScript. The bad news is that there are a lot of them. And they seem to change weekly.

I am all about learning new stuff. But I would like the shelf life of the technology to be much longer than a week or a month. I don't have time for such radical churn.