Top Skills According to LinkedIn

LinkedIn released a list of top skills you should have to get a job in 2016. Unfortunately none of the top 5 looked like anything I was interest in. At least I am studying up in #6 Network and Information Security. That is a long term effort I am undergoing right now. Maybe take another year or two to become proficient. Hopefully the skill will still be desirable then.

The only other skill I am doing a bit in is #10 Java Development. However I am not engaged in that in a hard core manner. It is just that whenever I need a quick and dirty utility, I code it up in Java. Nobody seems to mind that I do that. It keeps me remotely connected to some of the APIs for Java developers.

It is not like I want to chase what is hot now. Because that list if fleeting. But it is nice to see that some activities I am concentrating on are good for my career.