High Paying Development Positions

I looked around at some job postings the other night. Saw a few that paid really well. I don't think I am ready for those specific jobs. But it gives me something to shoot for. I am going to highlight a couple of them. How much can you make? And what skills do you need for them?

Let's start with the CNO Engineering position. Pay tops out at $185k per year. There is a long list of requirements that cross over to the other jobs as well. You need to know C, C++, and Python programming languages. Should know TCP/IP networking. You must have experience with hard core programming such as kernel development and/or device drivers on Windows. You should know about reverse engineering and exploitation. And of course you need a Top Secret/SCI security clearance.

Next up is the Reverse Engineering position. Pay tops out at $190k per year. You should have the CNO Engineering position requirements. Plus you also should have experience developing for the Linux operating system. Also need to know about vulnerabilities.

The last job I want to talk about is the Software Reverse Engineering position. Pay tops out at $210k per year for this one. You need the CNO and Reverse Engineering skillsets. You should also know about architecture and be able to lead teams. You should know estimation and assessments. You should be able to work on proposals. You should be a subject matter expert. You should know assembly plus disassembling. Finally you got to have experience with firmware and embedded systems.

These all sound like jobs with excellent compensation. More than your average software development position. Got to have that security clearance. Plus there seems to be a theme of cyber security style skills needed. Time to crack the books, study up, and get a promotion.