Customer to Consultants

Our customer had a high priority task for a large volume of data to be updated. The customer thought one of the consultants on the project had done this last year. So they contacted the consultant directly. Another consultant found out and informed the customer that I was the one who did the work last year. So I got the impression the task was coming to me.

I asked my team lead whether I should make this task happen. To my surprise I was informed that the team lead and the project manager decided that we would not do this task. Apparently we first needed an official request for this work. Then we needed to do a cost estimate. And furthermore, the analysis was supposed to tell us that this was a complicated task.

The project manager gets to make these calls. However I inquired whether the PM informed that customer of his decision. Apparently not. Luckily the team lead took the action and let them know this task was not going to be accepted. In the end, the original consultant agreed to take on the task. I wish him luck. There is a short time frame to complete the task, along with some questions about the business rules for the task. Somehow I think my company missed out on some business here. But I do not question when a PM actually comes out and says no. There is not enough of that in the world.