Taskbar Buttons

Our users started complaining about how the icons in the taskbar stack. Apparently some of our windows no longer stack above the program's icon in the taskbar. Some windows get their own new icon in the taskbar.

At first I could not tell what the users were referring to. All the application windows get their own icon my in taskbar. Then with a little research I realized that most of our users employ the "Group similar taskbar buttons" option in the taskbar properties.

So I had to research this option. Google search on the topic did not provide much low level information. The most I got was that a registry setting of TaskbarGlomming gets set to 1 when you choose this properties. And apparently sometimes it depends how many icons are present as to when the windows stack up on the program icon.

I did some research. At first I thought the stacking might be related to the name of the executable the user runs. So I created 2 copies of a dummy application. Their windows did not stack. Apparently you need to be running the same application from the same directory for the operating system to consider the windows to be "similar". The problem with our application suite is that we have multiple executables that compose one program that the user works with. It is going to take some magic to make all our applications show up under one icon in the taskbar. But I am a programmer. So I am up to the task (no pun intended). I will let you know how it turns out.