Trouble Ticket Trouble

I had been out sick for a couple days. There were a number of trouble tickets assigned to me. These got reassigned to other developers on the team. When I came back, I talked to each developer to make sure they took over and worked the issues to completion. One such developer researched a problem, got customer input, and wrote a script to fix the problem. Good work.

However I approached another developer that got one of my tickets. I had a bad feeling as they were reading the newspaper online. So I asked about the ticket that got reassigned to them. No progress had been made. They were waiting to get access to the Production data. Since this person did not directly work for me, I just made sure they understood that the ticket was their responsibility now.

Later the newspaper reading developer came to visit me. Said that it would be better if I took back the trouble ticket. Actually this sounded like the best plan of action for the customer. So I dug into the problem and figured out all the questions I needed to ask the customer who encountered the problem. The only encouraging thing I heard from this developer was that they had a lot of business rule questions regarding a different trouble ticket assigned to them. Since I know a lot about the customer's business, I gave the developer the info needed to proceed. And I hoped the work done on that ticket would be sufficient to help the customer.