Taken Care Of

My company bought me a daytime planner. I did not have to ask for it. It showed up along with a big box of supplies one day. The thing probably only cost the company 20 or 30 bucks. But it is the thought that counts here. The planner itself is pretty nice. So I put it to good use. Now the company has got some good will for a very cheap price.

I find this behavior unlike most of the other companies I have worked for in the past. There was maybe only one other small company that went the extra mile to take care of its employees. This is more impressive in my company since it has around 20k employees. As far as I know, they treat all employees just as well as me.

This makes sense for my company, more so since it is a services company. The thing that is valuable to this company is its people. Now I have worked for other services companies that were stingy with their employees (including myself). I always had to fight for every little thing there. That meant I could not spend all my energy solving problems for the company’s clients. It also meant that when things were suspicious, the company did not get the benefit of the doubt. Not so with my own company.

Now all of this does not mean that my company is the best in the world. But it is pretty damn good. They have made some capital investments in me. That is what goes through my head every time things get tough. And in the work world things are always going to be tough. The benefits do not comprise of just supplies. I got a brand new laptop on day one from the company. They also provide me with a budget and time off from work for training.

Here is the real funny thing about all of this. The other day I went to the printer and saw an invoice for another laptop they bought for a new hire. It seems my company buys in bulk so they get a really good deal. Here I thought my laptop cost a couple grand. Not so. This does not lower my appreciation for the company. It just confirms the fact that the company is not spending a lot of its employees, but is gaining a fortune.