Dress Code

Today I was searching online for information about the Oracle Alert Log. One of the search results was a page from Burleson Consulting. Those web pages are distinctive because of the layout and the familiar picture of the founder Burleson.

There was a link on the Burleson results page that talked about employment opportunities. I clicked through and found that they pay a lot of attention to dress code. Apparently their clients have high expectations. Therefore they have an extensive list of dress code rules which seem unusual.

Here are some gems I found. You are directed to wear “no phony Rolexes.” Furthermore a Rolex is the “time honored, instantly recognized symbol of success.” I assume they pay well, but probably not well enough for me to buy a Rolex.

Even more striking is the specifics for female employees. One rule for them is “No pants allowed, ever.” Multiple ear rings per ear are also prohibited. Here is some guidance that baffles me: “The quality of perfume is inversely proportional to the price.” So they recommend you buy cheap perfume to appear high class (remember they say it is an inverse relationship).

I cringe about the dress code for me. They must always wear white dress shirts. That sounds like IBM. Also they state that people will judge you by the quality of your shoes. I guess I am not Burleson material as I wear sneakers (even though I wear a dress shirt and tie). Hey. My feet hurt.

One of the comments posted by Burleson is a bit disturbing. In response to a comment from a reader, they write, “What are you a communist? Here in the USA, we have the freedom to hire and fire people for any reason.” I seriously hope they don’t have to go to court to defend that opinion. Any judge will give them the beat down for that perspective.

Sure you can fire somebody because they don’t adhere to your documented dress code. But you can’t fire somebody just because they are a woman. That will get you into severe legal trouble. I hope this was just an oversight by Burleson. I now will read their Oracle advice in a different light. They are the dress code Nazis.