Software Installation

I previously wrote about downloading and installing a code review tool. It appeared as if the software was written in Java. The install wizard was created with Install4j, and the software required Java. Unfortunately the end of the installation brought me to an Internet Explorer page that could not be viewed.

Well I did not give up. After refreshing the web page, I got to the screen where I initialized the database. Then the software made me enter my company name, my name, and my e-mail. I don't like entering this stuff as I don't like to get spammed.

The first install screen that I got to work was a bit strange. There were two sections, one for the admin account, and another for users. Both sections had a button beneath them. This implied that you would enter information on each, then press their respective button. However it turned out you needed to enter information on both. I guess you choose one of the buttons to save everything. Very odd.

There were some interesting parts to my software configuration experience. The admin user cannot by default do code reviews. And some example bug tracking tools that integrate with the review tool are FogBugs and Buzilla. Also the server lets you configure the minimum build number for clients that try to connect. That is smart (no pun intended SmartBear).

Once I tried starting up some review, I encountered some more weird things. My user account had an immediate action item to enter my phone number. Why do I have to do that? I am still thinking that maybe the software phones home to the manufacturer and gives them my phone number. Left that one blank. When I tried to create a review, I could not attach any files initially. That was unusual. Maybe they need to set up a database record that the file attach process requires. It was still unnatural.

The code inspection process screen was busy. There were a number of sections highlighted in yellow. Not sure if those were just for the trial version of the software or not. There was also a splitter window for the actual code inspection. I could not figure out why there was a split. The bottom splitter pane seemed small in height. Maybe they want me to be able to see two portions of the code at the same time. Stay tuned for some more feedback on my experience with SmartBear's CodeReview.