Slacker Tendencies

I read a humor piece regarding slackers at work. It talked down to go getters. They only work on high profile duties. These duties are not important for the company mission. The slacker on the other hand, gets work done on time. In fact, slackers normally get things done early. They just don’t tell anybody about the early completion date.

Slackers solve problems the easy way. These are not the guys that usually get promoted. But they do tend to have much lower stress levels. Strangely enough, they get paid more than managers on the average. A slacker will show up for maybe 30 hours a week. They are normally only working for 20 of those hours.

Here is a list of the humorous characteristics of the work slacker. They don’t volunteer for anything. They make request by email instead of in person. That saves lots of time. They don’t tell you if they finish tasks early. They are experts at sneaking out of the office.

Slackers eat lunch out. There is no need to eat at your desk. They do not let others take credit for their work. Since they don’t do much, they need to retain all the praise they can for a job well and quickly done. There is some contention over this trait. But the author believes a slacker must stand up for their work. Finally a great coup is to join up with other slackers and book a conference room for a whole day. Then you can browse the Internet all day.