Employee Retention

How do you keep your top employees happy so they don't jump ship? It is not my job to answer this question for my company. But I still want the good guys to stick around on my project.

Consulting magazine has some ideas. Give your workers a better work/life balance. Yes I know that is easier said than done. But you will benefit in the long run. I read that the average big dog in a company works over 55 hours a week. That's just the average. Not too fun. I thought my weeks were bad at 48 to 50 hours worked average.

Workers on the front lines do not feel appreciated. You combine that with overwork, and you have disgruntled employees. They will go elsewhere if they can find jobs. A new trend is that workers in the trenches feel that their companies are cutting back on training. Luckily my company does not seem to be following that trend. I honestly worry that I spend too much of my company's training budget. If I leave, the policy is that I have to pay back any recent training. I guess they got me now.