Resume Writing

A buddy of mine may be looking for work pretty soon. Things move fast in the world of government contracting. So what's a fellow to do? Well I have read some advice from people who are doing the hiring. There are changes you can make to your resume to make sure it does not immediately get discarded.

Make sure you list the things in your experience section that you actually did. Nobody cares what your team or company did. What did you do specifically. This also applies to the technology section. Don't listen random tech buzzwords. List specific versions of technologies, and tie in how exactly you used them.

Have an introduction at the top. Also try to quantify your experience with numbers. How many years did you use the technology? How much money did you make your company. Here is another hint. Match you skill set to the ones they need to the current opening.

Now I have heard somebody recommend some sample code. I have done some hiring. Sample code did not impress me. If you wrong something really great, maybe that might be a factor. I am Oracle certified. You should list certifications like this. It counts more if you were certified by the vendor instead of some arbitrary training company.

Finally don't say you are an expert unless you truly are. Good luck job hunters.