Overwork and Outsourcing

I read a couple blog posts about overwork and also outsourcing. Then I put the two ideas together because they are related. This is very relevant stuff.

We somehow got committed to too much work on our project. They are trying to get us some more resources. That is, we want to hire more programmers. But that task has a very long lead time. We have deadlines now.

Management continues to have the same short term answer for our problems. Work late on weekdays, and work weekends. Of course this is leading to burn out of the whole development team. This is part of a general trend of customers wanted more for less money.

Is a possible answer to our problems a little bit of outsourcing? I am not talking about moving the whole project overseas. But how about we augment our existing staff. We could only outsource to experts in the domain or technology. They would not come cheaply. But it would mean I get to go home at quitting time. Sounds good to me.