The Blaze Advisor

Our customer wants a new system to be developed. It is going to replace the system I work on. For reasons unknown, the customer wants all kinds of new technologies to be used in the development of the new system. One of these hot techs is Blaze Advisor.

To tell the truth, I had never heard of the product before. It is more formally known as the FICO Blaze Advisor. It is a business rules management system (BRMS). The marketing says it is for high volume operations. And you can change the rules quickly.

A selling point for this tool is a fast time to market. That would be good to stand up a new system. It also does its own version control of the rules changes. That sounds sweet. The product is brought to you by Fair Issac Corporation. Digging a little deeper, I read that this is a Java based rules engine. The rules go into an internal rules database.

The software was created by Blaze Software. Eventually it was sold to Fair Issac. The most common use of it is by Java programs. This software might be of some use if it lives up to its marketing hype.