Scrum Tips

I have mentioned before that Scrum is a framework to set up your development process. It is supposed to be easy. This technique is better used on projects that are difficult, high risk, and uncertain. There are good and bad ways to implement Scrum. Let's look at some good ways.

You need to go all in with Scrum. A little Scrum is a quick way to fail. Factor in time to learn the framework. Your developers got to want to do Scrum. Make sure everyone knows what they are supposed to do. Sounds simple but can be very difficult.

The team needs to be trained in the framework. It helps if a pilot team tackles a smaller challenge first and succeeds. Your team should be located physically together to start. Don't tailor the Scrum process too soon. Do vanilla Scrum until you got it down pat. I am still looking for my first Scrum project. Or more specifically I want to be part of a successful Scrum development project.