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My team has been relegated to true maintenance tasks. All we are to do is investigate bug reports. When we figure out what is going on, we come up with an estimate as to how long they will take to fix. We don't even go through with the fix until somebody in charge approves the change. This is none too exciting work.

There is another team on our project which has a massive amount of development going on. They just lost a guy who went to another company. My boss asked me to go join that team with the heavy development load. He did not need to ask me twice.

One of the drawbacks of the new team is that they do all their work in UNIX. Their subsystem loads data given to us mostly by mainframe programs. The code is pretty much C programs running on UNIX. I did spy on a piece of their system that was more Oracle PL/SQL. So I jumped at the opportunity to work on that piece. My request was granted.

Today I just got access to the UNIX development system. Nothing worked out of the box. When I pressed the backspace key, some weird symbol appeared on the screen. I tried to run Oracle SQL*Plus. The program could not be found. Great. Now I got to set up my profile to get the path and other environment variables set. This may be a bit painful. Oh yeah. Did I mention that my text editor is now vi?