Angry Customers

My boss told me to go help out my old team. They were down on resources but were getting a lot of work. These guys were overworked. I protested a bit because I am busy with my new team. However the manager makes the final resource allocation decisions around here.

I wanted to take care of one of their problems that relates to my new team. My manager threw me on a high priority problem their customers were having. I gathered some logs and screen shots. Then I found some problems in the code immediately. My manager set up a conference call with a lot of the customers.

On the call I presented my findings. Then I walked the customer through some of the causes in their production environment. I heard a few things loud and clear in our conversation. The customer repeatedly said that the application behavior was unacceptable. Luckily my manager had prepped me with the info that these customers were livid. I tried to keep my cool. Then I presented some options on how we could fix their problems. Their answer was to just fix the damn thing, and let them know when it was done. Damn.