Tough Job Market

Saying the current job market is tough would be an understatement. People stay unemployed for a long time when they lose their jobs. That makes them desperate for anything. We interviewed a dude that had a lot of experience in the specifics we were looking for. The guy seemed like somebody I wanted on my team. I told my boss point blank that we needed to hire this guy.

Turns out the poor dude was looking for work during the last nine months. How can a guy like that stay unemployed for so long. We got lucky and hired him before anybody else realized that this man would be a producer. In fact I think we did not pay him the going rate. I am concerned that if the economy improves, somebody else will steal him away. Now my recommendation to my boss is to give him the big bump up in compensation during his next review.

This story is not uncommon. I have heard that people with great skills and outstanding resumes are having trouble finding jobs. It does not seem to help even if people provide you with great references. I guess the old school method of getting jobs will work best. Get in contact with the people you know. Have them help you out. It is rough out there. You need every edge you can get. And if you have a job right now, hang on to it. I know I am.