End of the Pattern Club

I remember a new application our team needed to implement a long time ago. There was a young group of developers eager to do well. They were also led by a young guy. These dudes had a number of ideas about how to solve the problems for the customer. One of their main techniques was the use of design patterns.

Now I am all for using a pattern when the situation calls for it. However these guys were pattern crazy. Everything was going to be implemented as part of a pattern, whether it fit or not. They had a tough time coming up with the need for the singleton pattern. They ended up trying to force it in two places in the application. What a sorry state.

Recently I heard that patterns have become vogue. This is because they have essentially been a failure. Developers really don't know patterns well. Sure they can name a few. But they cannot spot the right place to use one of the many patterns out there. This is a generalization. However I think it holds true. The only reason to know patterns now is to pass an interview where they ask you about some pattern basics.