Dreaded Screen Shots

I am on loan to my old team to take care of some high priority problems for them. At first I protested. But the boss said they needed help. So I am finishing up the development of a fix. Then I needed to help the quality assurance team test out my changes. Fair enough.

Now I got some bad news. The quality assurance team is too busy to do any testing. So I got to do the testing. That by itself is fine by me. I unit test my stuff. I even produce a unit test plan complete with the results from testing.

However I got word that the tests required a big document that showed exactly what was tested and how. That means there needs to be a massive Microsoft Word document with all kinds of screen shots. What? Come on now. Don't make me join the insanity. I am all for doing tasks that add value. But this seems ridiculous. Nobody is going to be looking at this massive document.

Perhaps I should just paste in some random pictures and forget about fighting the system. What do you think?