Dreamspark to the Rescue

I own a personal copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 6. It was purchased with my own money. When I first arrived at my company, they handed me a laptop. I was told I would get an additional laptop to do the development for our customer. It would just be a big wait.

What did I do? I installed my own personal copy of Visual Studio 6 on my company laptop. The main reason I did this was that I use Visual Studio as my text editor. I am very familiar with it.

Just the other day, Visual Studio 6 started aborting on my when I tried to open a file. The problem happened again today. My solution is to unintall and reinstall the darn thing. However after uninstalling, I looked around to see if I could install an upgrade instead. I have not purchased a new copy of Visual Studio yet.

Luckily I am a student in the local community college. Through Microsoft's Dreamspark program, they provide free access to all the professional versions of Visual Studio. Why should I not go to the most recent Visual Studio 2010 install. The install is 2G large. I hope it will be worth the wait. Thanks Microsoft.