Easy as SendMail

We have a data correction script scheduled to go out to Production. The results are supposed to be emailed to the customer. A DBA got assigned to help with getting the email produced automatically.

Being a developer, I thought it would be as easy as getting an API from the DBA on how to make the call to send an email. Nope. The DBA wanted to take the script and implement it himself. Bad sign #1.

My boss wanted me to ensure the email was being scheduled at the right time. Turns out the DBA was confused over when to do the work. Great. Then it turns out that the DBA did not know how to actually send the mail.

Another DBA asked if we had SendMail capability on the UNIX box. How do you test this? Easy. Run /user/lib/sendmail, passing an email address on the command line. Then enter in some text for the body of the email. Finally type a period followed by the Enter key.

Email will either be sent or not. For the record, it works on my UNIX development box.