Last year I helped out a struggling team on my project. I volunteered for a piece the team knew nothing about. As usual, I did a good job delivering and supporting the product. It was a bit tough because I had my normal duties to do in addition to the new work. But I made it happen.

This year I got loaded up on all kinds of work for my team. But I looked ahead and knew the other team was hurting again. I did not hear anything about the piece I had done for them before. So I asked whether I was still on the hook to do the work. The answer was yes. My team is not happy to lose some of my time. They were most upset that nobody took this into account when setting up our schedule.

So far I have not worked on this additional piece of the system. Today I found the time to work on testing some bug fixes that are going out in the next release. However at the end of testing, I found my tests deopended on some other fixes being made. Doh! Nobody determined there would be a dependency. I tell you. We are one uncoordinated team.