Java to the Rescue

The customer has been encountering performance problems with our system. Some screens are so slow they don't even come up. The customer has since reverted to doing some work manually. Now they need to get the system updated with their work.

All of the customer data has been collected into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Essentially each row in the spreadsheet is going to be an update in the database. The updates will be controlled by a stand alone script. How should developer go about creating this script?

In the old days, I would write a C/C++ program to read in the data and generate the script. However the security team is cracking down on "rogue" programs such as this. I think I figured out the solution. Write the script generator in Java. That way the security people think we are running "java.exe", which is on the list of approved apps.

Some other people are looking into the script generation. However I think I will develop and have my Java program ready to roll.