Visual Studio 2010 Aborts

I have been working on a new project using Visual Studio 2010 Professional. And I wanted to see how I could deploy the finished product. In the past, I had used an old copy of Installshield. My Visual Studio has an InstallShield plugin that is free.

I downloaded Installshield LE and set it up to deploy my project. The resulting self-extracting executable worked pretty good. There were some features disabled in the free Installshield. But that did not hold me back.

All of a sudden, Visual Studio kept crashing when I tried to edit the C++ header files in my project. I removed and readded the files. It still crashed. After a while I realized that the addition of an Installshield LE project in my solution caused Visual Studio to crash.

What a fail. The work around is to create a separate solution to prevent the abort. This does not bode well for me to purchase Installshield.