The Last Minute

There are times when I need to leave early from work. Usually I try to give as much advance notice as possible to the people on my team. However I have found that as soon as I need to leave, everybody needs my help at work. You would think I would just ignore them and go. But these slackers just don't realize they need something until after I an scheduled to leave. I have come up with a great plan for dealing with this.

I determine when I need to leave work. Then I schedule a departure from the office which is two hours or more before my actual exit deadline. As usual, I get all kinds of requests for assistance at the last minute. I tell people that I am scheduled to go. But I give them an extra minute or two of help. Sometimes those minutes last for up to an hour. Since I planned ahead, I am covered.

This is not quite optimal. It only encourages people to try to deter me at the last second. But I think about it this way. Do you know some people who are habitually late? If you want them on time, you make up a meeting time which is an hour before the actual time. You build in some slack. Well that is what I am doing at work.

Now let's hope nobody gets smart to my plan. Otherwise they might start intruding on my true deadline to get out of dodge.