Who is Accusoft?

Accusoft recently won an award in the SD Times winner's circle under the category Libraries & Frameworks. That is great and all. But who the heck is Accusoft? Well I did some research. They were previously called Pegasus Imaging. Then they changed their name to Accusoft Pegasus a few years back. Just this year they dropped the Pegasus and are known as Accusoft.

The company does a lot of things as they have acquired a number of companies in the past. They have solutions for the document, content, and imaging spaces. They sell apps and SDKs. In the imaging arena, their software can handle barcode and do OCR. They also handle image compression, scanning, and viewing of images.

This technology lends itself to forms processing. They can generate PDF documents. One of their products is PDF Xpress. It allows you to modify a PDF document, or extract portions of it. Althought the company is not large in terms of personnel, they recently did almost $20M in revenue for the year.

One cool thing about Accusoft is that they have product for the mobile market. They sell document scanner software that works on Android. You hook a USB scanner up to your tablet and you are good to go. Not sure if I really need to know about Accusoft. But if I get into the document scanning or imaging world, I may have to.