Winner's Circle

There was a supplement to the latest issue of Software Development Times magazine called the Winner's Circle. They picked a few categories and listed the top companies in each sector. I was a bit disturbed to find that I did not recognize many of the companies.

Take /n Software for instance. The name seemed a little familiar. But I had no clue what they did. They were one of the top picks in the "Libraries & Frameworks" category. I use some libraries at work. But they have been the same libraries for like the last ten years. I got to get out more.

I went over to the /n Software web site. It was not initially obvious what they were selling. Then I saw they had a line of IP*Works libraries. They help your app speak network protocols. Cool. They also have a bunch of Integrator libraries. These let you app easily communicate with systems such as PayPal or Amazon. Also sounds good.

Now I just got to research some more of these companies. Ever heard of Accusoft? Me neither. Time to get busy.