Interview Questions

This time I am going to delve into techniques to successfully answer questions during an interview. But first let's cover some background info. Companies make offers to less than 10% of the people they interview. So don't get discouraged if you do not get that job immediately.

You should code solutions during an interview in mainstream computer languages. Whether accurate or not, the mainstream opinion is that Visual Basic and JavaScript are considered lesser languages. I know my VB friend would disagree. However he is not the person making the hiring decision. Code your examples in C++ or Java during an interview. You could also safely resort to plain old C.

Let's get this out. Questions asked during interviews are hard. That is the point. You might even ask questions that you have no chance of answering correctly. This may just be a test to see how you handle such a stressful situation. Look for hidden assumptions in the questions. Ask your own questions to clarify the problem at hand.

I got a lot more to say about interview questions. Look for a follow-on post very soon.