Interview Wrap Up

This time I wrap up the lessons learned by reading Programming Interviews Exposed. Although I have never personally be asked any drawing questions in an interview, I suppose you might get some if you are trying to get a game developer position. I can't go into a lot of details of computer drawing. But it is good to know that high performance drawing relies on using integer math.

I do know you will get asked about SQL in interviews. Most questions revolve around the INSERT or SELECT statements. Know them well. If you are faced with a brainteaser, try to solve a sub problems first. You may get the insight you require.

A general rule is to make sure you can talk deeply about every technology listed on your resume. This is basic. Finally don't paint yourself into a corner when answering to what your favorite programming language is. The chances are that the interviewer does not share your choice, and may count it against you. Provide a general answer to such a question.

Next time I am going to get back to some real life stories and intuition I have gained on the job as a software engineer.