Order of Importance

I had a week to implement the latest new feature in our system. The coding got done in 4 days leaving one extra day. On that day I performed a number of tasks to make the code complete. It is interesting how I ranked the remaining tasks to be done. I made sure the most important things were done first.

The number one item on my agenda was to ensure the program was functionally correct. That is the main thing the customer cares about. Next I made sure my unit tests were documented. This is to meet CMMi standards.

I then went back to my code to ensure it was modular. This meant breaking up some bigger functions into smaller ones, and combining like functions together. In other words I refactored. Then I beefed up the user interface, making sure I put in controls that did not allow the user to make entry errors.

Next I went back and deleted any obsolete code that was still there but commented out or unused. Finally I did a round trip and updated the design documentation. I did not have time to do any performance tweaks. This task fell off the list due to time constraints. Get the most important things done first. You will not have time to come back later and fix things.