Bad Design

We are a little behind schedule on our latest software delivery at work. I told the management that we will not make the dates unless we get more help. It took a while for that to sink in. The managers kept coming back asking me how we could make the dates. I kept repeating that we needed more people or it was absolutely impossible. Finally we got another resource.

The extra guy is a proficient one. The team gave him some changes to an application he designed and built years ago. We figured he would be happy to work on his little baby. Today he called me up because he was confused about how to add some spreadsheet filtering. I reminded him that this was his creation. He remembered part of the crazy filter design. However he could not recall how the filter GUI worked.

Now if the designer cannot come in and figure out how the UI works, we have some big problems. He tried to check out the resources for the dialogs. They were missing. I guess he had implemented some kind on non-standard dialog generation on the fly. Well he has to eat his own dog food now. He is stressing due to the time lines. I told him I gave him plenty of time in the schedule to get the work done. Nobody figured that his own design would be tripping him up.