Bitmap Filtering

Today I got a call from my team lead. He needed help. We have functionality in one of our apps to filter out spreadsheet rows based on values in the columns. He added a new column. But he could not get the filter working.

I got a couple files that were changed. However I could not get the software to build. There were additional files missing. I kept iterating between getting the new file changes, compiling, running, and finding I was lacking more files.

Isn't this what source control is for? By the end of the day I got the latest code. This was partly an exercise in assuring that all the file changes got checked in. The filtering was still not working.

I started to make some code changes to try to get it to work. No luck so far. After putting in a couple extra hours, I decided to give up. Normally I am focused on solving problems. But this task seemed boring. Some dude coded some stuff that did not work. It got reassigned to me. If we were not in such a hurry, I would have thrown out the broken code and started from scratch myself.