The Closer

Yesterday as I was leaving work my team lead called me. He directed me to focus on a certain customer problem that was about to be our project's high priority. I made a note and left anyway. That night two of our top guys started looking into the problem.

When I got in the next day, I put this problem at the top of my list. My team lead called me up. He said that some guys started working the problem, and that I should pick up where they left off. I told him that one guy should be assigned the problem and take it to closure. At that point I definitely became that guy.

So I called up the customer. I had some ideas. The customer gave me some information. So did one of the other guys who worked the problem. I had the customer runs some tests. Then I logged into their database and figured out what was going on. The customer wanted some more tests run. And they wanted details on how some new parts of the system worked. When that was done, the problem was solved. I am like your 9th inning relief pitcher in baseball. Call me in when your starter is worn out. I will close out your top priority problems with expertise.