Unwilling Participant

Somebody asked me for some source code from our system. Luckily I no longer had access to the back end code. Therefore another developer on the e-mail responded with a copy. This caused the requester to determine that there were problems with the code. It was a set up if I ever say one.

So my manager asks if anybody knows about these problems. Like a fool I answered that yes, it appeared that our team did not do the yearly update we were supposed to do. Another team manages the code. They are supposed to make this happen on a yearly basis.

Much discussion ensued. The a plan was formed. I was tasked with doing some initial research so all the requirement could be gathered. I asked my boss about this research that had been assigned to me. Another bad move. After getting clarification, I found that I then needed to fix all the problems. I should learn to just stay quiet, even when I know some information. On this project you get the bonus of doing more work if you pipe up. Normally that would not be a problem if I were twiddling my thumbs. However I am oversubscribed. Now I just won myself some more unpaid overtime. Weak.