Fix Problems Faster

Today I heard two similar comments on my development team. The customer is concerned about the number of defects that are opened against our system. That is a valid concern. However the response from our management was for us to fix problems faster.

Yeah. What do they think? I have been sitting around all this time artificially slowing the pace at which I resolve bugs? LOL. From the outside I would have thought this was a joke. Knowing my project, it is no joke.

Ok. So how do you get problems to be fixed as a faster clip? Well you cannot will it into existence. And you just can't "try harder". You got to work smarter.

Here is the catch 22. There is no silver bullet for this problem. It will take some head down analysis to identify the process problems which are inhibiting bug fixing productivity. Who can tackle such a challenge? Yep. They need developers to do it. And if you spend time trying to fix the process, you bug resolution rate will be even lower.

There is only one decision I need to make. Do I just ignore the nonsense about the "try harder" speeches? Or do I step up and call them on this joke. I am going to have to meditate before making that decision.