Working on a Sunday

The customer wants more bugs fixed. They informed management. Management informed team leads. Team leads informed developers. Now I am here working on a Sunday. Great. Well I better make the most of it. I caught up on some e-mail. Then I helped out a tester. However the latest build was not complete. This was the primary objective for the weekend. Verify the build. What am I going to do instead? I am going to work on writing some tools. Yeah.

We have some ambitious system administrators working for our customer. They have some scripts which detect if your source control views haven’t been used in a while. If not, they mark the views as inactive and you can’t use them. Furthermore there is something wrong with their scripts. When they run, they permanently screw up your scripts. You cannot recreate them with the assistance from an administrator.

My solution to the above problem was to write a program which simulates a developer using all of his views. It is cool. The thing checks out some files from every view, edits them, then checks the updated versions back into source control. It looks like I am working on each and every view to the system administrators. I updated this program to work with my latest views.

Our software ships with the ability to connect to our customer’s databases. However we use different databases for development and test. To point the applications to these dev/test databases requires some hacking of the Windows registry. I wrote a small program which does this for you automatically. This comes in handy because each time you install our software, it overwrites the registry and limits the applications to just our customer databases. Today I updated my program to work with the latest software for next year. All in a good days work.