How Much to Fix

Yesterday I fixed a bug found by our customer. However I realized that the same problem affected many other parts of our application. What was I do to? Should I just ship the specific fix and move on to other bugs? Or should I correct every instance of the problem?

I like to code. To research other bugs would be non-coding. Therefore I was inclined to fix the other instances of the first bug that I fixed. Plus it would look bad if the customer discovered the other instances. There would be a lot of questions and meetings to discuss why we did not fix all these other scenarios.

So I spent the rest of the day banging out some code to fix all the scenarios. This was really fun. In fact, when it was time to go home, I decided to keep coding. Unfortunately all good things come to an end. Now I just need to do a lot of unit testing. Got to make sure that I did not break anything.