Getting Time Off

For the second week in a row, my team lead decided we would work into the weekend to fix a lot of bugs. I decided it was time to make sure I got something out of this effort. So I requested my manager approve some days off next week since I have already put in a lot of extra time this month.

My manager asked if my team lead approved. I called up my team lead. He said he would not approve this time off. I was shocked. This guy looked to me in the last couple weeks to make some big releases happen. That meant staying late every day, taking work home, and working on the weekends.

Well I decided I had enough of that nonsense. I informed my team lead that if that is the reward I get for putting in extra time, there would be an end to the extra time on my behalf. Thus I am unavailable for work this weekend. And I told him to stop calling me after hours for support. This story only gets worse. I will save some more details for next time.