Enterprise Software Development Conference

The Enterprise Software Development Conference (ESDC) is coming up next month. The cost is $1800 large. The drawback with this conference is that it is being held on the West Coast. That sounds like a very long flight away from me. Plus I am leading my team now. No time for any conference nonsense.

I took a look at the list of speakers. There were only 5 that I recognized out of the 30 that were speaking. These were Robert Martin, Miko Matzsumura, Larry O'Brian, Damon Poole, and Dan Saks. Going to see those guys alone would be worth the cost of the conference.

A full page ad for the conference shows a lot of interesting classes. We got generic programming, rapid prototyping, Groovy builds, iPhone development, and Google Web Kit. On second thought I might see whether I can sneak away for the conference.