The Evil Conference Call

My boss called me up. Another team on my project just had a major release and the program was not working. He needed help figuring out what went wrong. I provided him a lot of information. Then I strongly recommended him, me, and the key developers from the team huddle up to figure out what was going on.

The problem was that there is a big community of stakeholders that want to talk about the problem. I have been on these conference calls before. A lot of important people do not know any details about the problem. They all want to be involved in the solution. The guys who do have the ability to solve the problem spend all day answering their questions and chasing down theories on what might be wrong.

I was almost able to set up a small call where the key players could figure this problem out quick. But the key guys got tripped up and were required to join the big conference call. My best help now was to send them some emails with critical information that might help them. I escaped the dreaded conference call myself as it is not my program that it broken. I only know a lot because I have been on the project forever and have worked closely with the team having the problems. Good luck to those guys. It will be a long night for them.