SouthWest Delivers

Today I read a news article that Silent Bob got booted off a Southwest flight for being too big. He has been ranting on Twitter ever since. I get it. Nobody likes to be called out for being fat. However I have found Southwest to be very accommodating.

Me and my girlfriend are big people. We can barely fit in the little Southwest airline seats. We are also uncomfortable at home cheap seats in the movie theaters. However we still always book flights through Southwest because the price it right.

Southwest really comes through for us. They reserve the right to bump us if the flight is too full and we are too big. But it has never happened to us. Thanks Southwest. We even fly some full flights and have to suck it up. If we were rich, we would get big seats in first class. However we stick with Southwest for now. I recommend the company ignore Silent Bob's rants. They are doing a good job in my eye.