Just in Time Departure

I had a rough weekend. Had to work on a high priority problem for the customer. So when I came to work on Monday, I was tired. I was on a mission. There were some set tasks I needed to accomplish. There were also some risks I needed to mitigate in order ot meet the schedule I proposed.

As soon as my tasks were done, I hit the road to go home. My team lead delayed me a bit because he needed some info. But after that conversation I was out the door. It turns out that was the best move of the day.

Right after I left, a couple more high priority problems came in. Now I would not have been able to do much on these new problems if I stuck around. I was already burning out. Plus I needed to concentrate on the problem I was working on first.

I came in early the next day. A lot of developers were already busy working early in the morning. That sounded strange. They were working on the new problems that came in. This is a good thing. Me not being there forced management to get other developers involved. There is only one question. Should I bolt early today too? We shall see.