Visual Studio Debacle

We are upgrading to a newer version of Visual Studio for our next big software release. There was an event in the schedule where we were supposed to get the new software. That milestone day came and went.

After a few weeks, I heard some managers talking about the schedule. I mentioned that the scheduled was wack because we did not have the software. I explained that without the software, no progress would be made. Furthermore we were losing weeks that could not be made up later.

Suddenly the Visual Studio software became a hot item. Why does it take an emergency for me to get the tools I need? The customer arranged for somebody to install the software on my system. The big boss told me I was going to be getting a call from the installer. It never happened.

Instead I found out that somebody installed the software on my system. They put it in the wrong place. I let them know the install was wrong. This simple software upgrade is turning into a nightmare. Now the real work can begin. Let's upgrade our projects to use the new compiler and IDE.